Going Blue and Gold


Yesterday was gorgeous. I filled the kiddie pool and let the kids go crazy. Since the kids were outside with water around then I needed to be there too, so I took the chance to finish up a project I had started WEEKS ago.

Remember when I painted that side table using that cheap can of oops paint and then alluded to using that paint to paint something that Jason thought was ridiculous. Well, it turned out to be not so ridiculous and sort of fabulous instead. 

Now, you’re probably thinking, it’s just a stool. What’s so ridiculous about painting a stool?

Well, these aren’t just any old stools. They are stools that just happened to be left behind by the previous owners of the house and for good reason.

They are the most wobbly, unsteady, cheap IKEA stools that we have ever seen. The kids like to pull them up the counters, climb up on them, and have it kick out from underneath them. They have caused bruises, cuts and lots of screaming and tears. But have we gotten rid of them? Nope! They come in just too darn handy. They are great for extra seating, a place to put a drink and yes, even for using them as stool to reach things.

So while we were sitting in the garage during a thunderstorm weeks ago, painting the side table, I took one of the stools, took off the seat and painted it that minty blue. LOVE!!


The grey legs were just not cutting it for me. I had GOLD on the mind. So when I was at Hobby Lobby last week in the States and saw the spray paint was 30% off, I snatched up a whole bunch of the gold spray paint and giggled with joy!

Mmmmm! It was going to be grand. So I took the stools apart again and spray painted those legs. The sun gleaming off those beauties was almost too much to bear. GLORIOUS!


Since 2 is always better than 1, they became a cute set of nesting tables.


What more, they match my new pair of aviators PERFECTLY! You can’t make this stuff up! LOVE!

Now for Jason’s reaction.

He came home all tired, sweaty and dirty and plunked himself down for supper. After praying and scooping up the meal, I turned to him.

Me: I have a surprise for you.

{Jason raises his eyebrows and then goes back to eating dinner}

Me: I painted something. 

{He raises his eyebrows again and continues eating}

Me: When you get the chance, just take a look over your left shoulder.

{He looks over his shoulder and then back at me.}

Me:{Throwing two fists in the air in celebration} Whoop! Whoop!

Jason: Really? 

Me: What do you think?

Jason: A little gaudy, don’t you think?


Jason: Sure! {Goes back to eating dinner}

Okay, so they are totally gaudy. But they are fabulous! In the grand scheme of things (the room) they aren’t too flashy. They actually go really well with the wood tones in the Joined In Love sign. 


As I was making them, they were reminding me of some stools that Anu from Nalle’s House made a few months back! Except hers aren’t gaudy at all! haha

If you haven’t discovered her blog yet, you need to go check it out. Her house it gorgeous, fresh and fun…and her kids are the cutest! She has great DIY ideas in a great Scandinavian feel. Oh, and she’s also Canadian (for any of you who are looking for some Canadian blog love!)Anyway, the kids aren’t allowed to climb on the stools anymore because they are just too stinkin’ pretty now! (We’ll see how long that lasts!)

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Have a beautiful day!

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