Filling Nail Holes With Soap

Spring Shelf

I’m a pretty cool mom (ha…that probably made those who know me personally spit milk out their noses)

Okay, so maybe a lax mom is a better term than cool! Here’s why:

  1. You want to keep your shoes on inside the house?…Go for it! Check for mud on the way in, but cleanish shoes are totally welcome.
  2. Oh, you want to play a game of hockey in my living room and use my mirror wall as the goal? Sure! Why Not? Just be forewarned – slap shots may get you a short stint in the penalty box.
  3. Oh you want to take all the cushions off the couch and line them up for a giant game of Volcano? Okay, just don’t let the lava get you!
  4. Oh you want to chase each other like a wild pack of dogs around my island and then fall down in a wrestle hug? Not a problem. Just don’t come crying to me when someone gets hurt and be prepared for me to join in with tickle hugs and body slams. 
  5. You want to eat that whole bag of Cheetos that Grandma brought you from school on my brand new Strandmon? Oh no…even this mother has her limits. That’s definitely leather couches or table territory. 

You can pretty much imagine what the walls of my house look like. Not to mention the fact that I am a woman who likes to change her mind (and walls), so there are dozens of tiny nail holes scattered through all the rooms.

Talking with friends awhile back, the topic of scrubbing out dings in the wall and filling nail holes came up. Someone mentioned that they heard that you can just rub soap in the hole (probably from Pinterest) and it makes the hole virtually disappear.

Well I thought I would give it a whirl here:

Spring Shelf
When I redid this living room wall, I left behind a few reminders of the arrangement before. 
Note nail hole!

So I took my bar of Dove Soap and got busy!

Dove Soap

While filling holes I quickly realized that it was best to rub in a circular motion, that way you filled all aspects of the hole. 

Rub A Dub Dub

Then viola, HOLE GONE (well almost!)

Virtually Gone

It will leave a soap smear, but that was quickly remedied with a wet cloth and a little washing.

Family Pictures

I don’t know how great this would work on colored walls, but I do know that soap comes in a kaleidoscopic of colors! You could totally use this as an excuse to buy fancy, great smelling soaps. Your wall could instantly transform into a scratch ’n sniff wall!

HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!! (Unless you have allergies, then that could be utter misery)

Eventually when a hockey stick gets stuck in a wall I’ll have to see if a bar of soap can fix that. I doubt it, but it’s worth a try! How do you like to fix dings in your wall? Do you fill them or just leave them for the next new arrangement?

Now that I know this technique, I guess I have no more excuses!

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