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My name is Kat…and I love making cakes.

I come by my love of cakes honestly.

I have been indulging in a slice of cake every week since the day I was born. Okay, maybe not since the day I was born, but I’m almost positive my first taste of food was a lick of frosting off of some relative’s fingers. Every Sunday the whole family would get together at my Oma’s house for cake and coffee after church. Best. Time. Ever. Not only did we get cake and juice, but my Oma had a dart board and pool table in her basement which meant smashed fingers and darts narrowly missing heads. It was awesome!

As well, I grew up with a mom who always made us really fun cakes for our birthdays. She would stay up for hours after we all went to bed to complete her creation and keep it all a secret for the next day. Rushing downstairs I would always try to get a little peak before the day even started.

Over the years, that love for cakes has crept into my soul and planted itself firm.

I just can’t help it.

I love all types of cakes, but making 6 inch mini cakes has become a passion for me. Mini cakes can be the perfect mix of pure indulgence and eye candy. They are quick and simple to decorate and the make quite the statement!

Stick around and you’ll see what I mean! I hope you are able to glean inspiration, learn some simple decorating techniques and rock out some great cakes for your family and friends!




  1. Julie Visscher says:

    We are looking into our options for our wedding cake. We are just wanting something that we can cut and have other plans in the works for what we are going to serve our guests.

    we would want 1 tier for sure, possibly 2 small tiers. we don’t have much of a theme besides tiffany blue and burlap vintage look. We are using industrial decorations (metal, pallet wood etc.) and are going to be incorporating lace as well.
    Our wedding date is Sept 26, 2015.

    Is this something you can offer?

    Julie and Jon

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