Cake Pop Wedding Cake

cake ball cake

If I could get married again (same guy just 10 years later) I would be drooling at the chance to have a Cake Pop Wedding Cake. It’s uniqueness is exactly what I’m drawn too and we all know how in love I am with gold and soft pink.

I loved having the opportunity to collaborate and create this cake with my friend Joelle. She is creative genius behind Peace of Cake. She makes brilliant custom cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels and oreos and other decadent treats for the biggest and bravest sweet tooth.She called me up the other day and wondered whether I’d be interested in conspiring with her to make this happen. So of course I jumped at the chance.

This cake wasn’t for a specific wedding, so it was wonderful to have complete creative license to decorate a cake exactly how we wanted it done.


I’ve been in love with this new sequined look. I have been chomping at the bit to try it out. My daughter’s cake was supposed to get this treatment but the rainbow confetti was too perfect for her unicorn cake.

I also have this thing for large statement flowers. They have the ability to add that feminine touch without completely stealing the show. Then to add a little more romance, I made a large fondant rosette design on the third tier of the cake.

And then there were those wonderful bites of heaven in between my cake layers. Those cake pops were the reason for the whole cake. I love the idea of wedding guests being able to walk up to the cake and grab a little piece of it for themselves. It’s so easy and messless but still gives the wedding couple the chance to do the ceremonial cake cutting. side view

This cake was the centerpiece for her table at the Diamonds Bridal Show this weekend in Lethbridge. I can’t even describe how breathtaking her sweet table was. The table was decorated by Simply Surreal who are the queens of taking beauty up one more notch. Those draped strings of crystals are absolutely divine. Then add the chocolate dipped Oreos, light pink cake pops and the chocolate dipped, caramel swirled pretzels (yep you heard correct: caramel AND chocolate), it was just perfection!

Oh, and that flower filled chandalier. STUNNING! The chandelier was Joelle’s from her own house but it was filled by the wonderful ladies at The Blooming Willow.

wedding cake table{Photo Courtesy of Joelle: My Peace of Cake}

dessert table 2

{Photo Courtesy of Joelle: My Peace of Cake}

side items{Photo Courtesy of Joelle: My Peace of Cake} cake table side

{Photo Courtesy of Joelle: My Peace of Cake}

 Also, did you notice the books. I honestly don’t know what I love more: books, chocolate or cake. Place me in a room of books with a table of cake and chocolate before me and you, my dear, have the recipe for the perfect evening!

All I can say now, is nice work ladies! Thanks Joelle for letting me be a part of your event! You are amazing.

If you or someone you know are getting married, you need to show them the possibility of a cake ball wedding cake. You really can’t go wrong!


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