Brooke’s Unicorn Birthday Cake

unicorn 3

6 years ago we welcomed the sweetest little bundle of love in the midst of a snowstorm. Brooke has brought an amazing light, life and joy to our family. She is a kind, understanding and compassionate big sister. Brooke is full of hugs, tickles and really bad jokes. We love her to pieces! 

She loves unicorns too and ponies and all things girly. So, this year, for her birthday she wanted a unicorn party.

cake topper blowing out candles

Normally I’m a big party planner. But after six years of putting in a lot of effort for Brooke’s parties, this year I took it easy. The only thing that I did plan was making unicorn horns for all of the girls to decorate and wear. Beyond that, I threw some blankets and sheets down the stairs to the¬†basement and let them make a huge blanket fort. Then they played hide-and-seek for awhile and then we did a little $5 gift exchange game. For the most part, these kids were able to entertain themselves.
brooke at her partyBrooke's 6th birthday cake

Happy Birthday Sweets!

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