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Ferrie Family-68This is the shot that I wanted so badly and I was so afraid that we weren’t going to get.

In the Spring Tracy and Shaun Wiebe, the gorgeous married team behind Loved and Be Loved Photography, held a draw for a free photo session. I was ecstatic when my name was drawn. Oh Happy Day! But then I got a little nervous because, well, I have these three monkeys to deal with! It’s hard enough to get the littlest one to sit still long enough and look at the camera for a picture, but then I have a 4 year old who is into silly dancing and crazy faces and a daughter who likes to stir the pot as well. To get all three of them in a moment of collective sanity is a feat in itself. Then let’s add in the great outdoors, including bugs and grass and hills to run up and down. Sound like fun?

Surprisingly, it was!

My goals for the session were (1) no tears – no one likes a splotchy-eye pictures and (2) that Jason and I look decent – because who are we kidding, it’s completely acceptable for kids to be pulling strange faces and be not looking at the camera, but an adult should look good, right? The problem is that I am one of the most awkward people in the world in front of a camera. I was the kid ruining the family picture or the one with dead eyes in the crowd.

It’s a miracle that we got the pictures we did, because this is what Tracy and Shaun had to deal with!

Ferrie Family FACEBOOK-65

Ferrie Family FACEBOOK-97This about sums is up. Benji was only willing to stay put if he was tossed in the air or hung upside down, Caleb was usually off somewhere making monkey faces and Brooke was baiting them to misbehave. Anyway, without further ado, this is how Love and Be Loved took our crazy little family and made us look good, even normal…Ferrie Family FACEBOOK-1 Ferrie Family FACEBOOK-4

Ferrie Family-12 Ferrie Family-14 Ferrie Family-16 Ferrie Family-18 Ferrie Family-23 Ferrie Family-24 Ferrie Family-32 Ferrie Family-33

Ferrie Family-38 Ferrie Family-37 Ferrie Family-50 Ferrie Family-52 Ferrie Family-40 Ferrie Family-39 Ferrie Family-68 Ferrie Family-69 Ferrie Family-71 Ferrie Family-79 Ferrie Family-84 Ferrie Family-87 Ferrie Family-89 Ferrie Family-91 Ferrie Family-95 Ferrie Family-98 Ferrie Family-101 Ferrie Family-102 Ferrie Family-104 Ferrie Family-106


Thank you so much Love and Be Loved! You two were so easy to work with and I think I’ll have to send a cake your way sometime! If you love looking at beautiful pictures in the charm and beauty of the Albertan prairies and mountains then you have to go check them out here or on Facebook here.

Have a happy weekend!





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