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Jase and Kids

When Jason went back to working fulltime this spring, we both agreed that bedtime for our kids would be very loose and relaxed this summer. Jason does concrete work at the moment, which means he’s out of the house well before anyone is stirring and then returns around 7. That’s a problem when you have little kids, especially boys, who need their dad around. We wanted our children to see him, rough-house a little and get to tell him about all the fun (or no-fun) they had that day. I never take for granted the amazing effect a present father has on a family.

I don’t want to do this thing alone. I could if I had too. I believe that God gives the grace to not only overcome but to thrive in whatever circumstance you may find yourself in and I know that I would be fine. But I would never choose to do it that way myself. I like having someone else to shoulder the load, take over in the midst of chaos, share the funny moments, and then laugh {or sigh with relief} when the day is all said and done. I like having Jason around. {He’s kind of funny too}

So I look forward to hearing Jason’s truck pull up to the curb and Benji yell, “Da home!” Granted, most of the time he’s dog tired and covered with a thick layer of dirt, dings and cuts are lining his legs when he comes home and all he wants to do is lay down on the couch and close his eyes. But most days, he takes the time to be present, give the kids attention, give me a little love and be that great guy that I know and cherish. Then as a reward, he puts our Caleb to bed and when I go downstairs to tuck in Brooke, he’s cuddled up beside Caleb catching a little nap. Melts my heart.

Well, last night, in the name of family togetherness, we decided to pump up a raft and take a little trip down the Old Man river. A few days ago, I grabbed up the last raft at Canadian Tire that would fit us giants (I’m 6’0 and Jason is 6’5). Seriously, we don’t fit standard! But this one was able to fit us two leggy creatures along with 3 squirmy children in life jackets.

Jason got home at 7:00 and by 8:00 we were making our way down the river.

Mommy and Benji Jase and Kids 2 Benji Picture

Benji wanted to take that last one. I was very nervous my phone was going to take a little swim with the beavers. But seriously, there were either beavers or river otters swimming around the river. How fun was that? Except for I thought they were snakes so my heart was pounding out of my chest, although I was smiling through the fear.

It took us about 45 minutes to travel the short distance from the weir to the river bank we wanted to get out at. There was lots of pointing and talking, Benji whipping himself almost over board to touch the water and spending time as our little fam-dam. At the end, we let the kids throw rocks in the river and then Brooke and I decided to see how deep the water got. That river is pretty shallow, you all!

throwing rocks 2 bw closer bwus

After throwing rocks, we made the mad dash through a mosquito infested thicket to the truck, Then we enjoyed a cotton candy sunset on the way home with clouds that look like little iguanas breathing fire {according to Brooke}


Anyway, this guy’s awesome and that kid in the back there is pretty cool as well! Thanks for being such a good sport!



P.S. Sorry for all the bad iPhone photos. There was no way my good camera was going to rafting. Good thing bras can do triple duty as phone, key and lady holders. 😉

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  1. Jessica J says:

    I love this post! I hear ya on needing that partner support. With Travis and I working opposite shifts, we mostly see each other on weekends but it’s a sacrifice we make so Oliver doesn’t have to spend much time at daycare. Summer time for us means much later nights and being flexible as well. And we love it! I dread being cooped up this winter so we are getting as much daylight as we can. Finally, your bangs look great! Keep it up!

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