Mosaic Mini Cakes

chocolate cake covered in chocolate

“A party without cake, is just a meeting” ~ Julia Child

And if I may add to my favorite quote from Julia Child with my own little quip, “A cake without meaning, is just flour and frosting.”

cake stacksAlmost every cake that I make has some kind of story behind it. Whether it’s the colours chosen or the theme that it is decorated after or an inside joke that’s shared amoung friends. Most people have some kind of story in mind when they dream up the design for their cake.

These little 2 inch mosaic mini cakes have a story behind them that I can’t help but share. As I discussed the design for these mini cakes with my client, the idea of mosaic started to come out. Mosaics reflect so much of her life and her family.

As she said,

We went with a mosaic theme because everyone calls my family mosaic.  I’m Dutch so I’m very white. My oldest son is Arab so he’s very tan and then my husband is African and we have 2 girls; one is fairly dark but not as dark as my hubby and our youngest is darker than me but not as tanned as my son lol. We are quite the mosaic family.

It’s such a neat story, of her having a child and finding her husband who, not only, fell in love with her but has fallen in love with her son and then let their love grow further by creating beautiful little girls.

So these little mini cakes show their family. The variety of colours all placed together in one unit of love!
top view mini shard cakescakes in a row

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  1. Debie says:

    Love this cake and the story behind it.
    This would be great for an adoption cake or foster family too.
    We have a 12-year-old foster son, coming up on his one-year anniversary with our family, so I might steal this idea from you.
    Thank you ♥

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