Putting the Collage Together

Yesterday we left off with eliminating the background of a photo using ipiccy.com.  Today we’re going to put it onto a background using tools that you already have.

You could do this all in ipiccy, but I wanted to use some clip art off of Word, so now we are going to start the next stage in Microsoft Word.

1. Begin by selecting a clip art background. I stumbled upon this one pretty quick and liked well enough.

word 12. It wasn’t the length I wanted so I duplicated the picture again and then flipped the images so that they started where they left off. Which left me with a longer background. word 23. Then just start inserting your pictures. Every time you insert a picture, go to Formatting and then under ‘Wrap Text” click on “infront of text”. This way you can move it around freely and resize it as you wish. word 34. I played around until I got it to this configuration that I liked.  Here’s a close up!Joyfully Homeword 45. In Word, you have the option of saving your picture as document. But that’s not going to work for us. This is super easy to get around. What you need to do is make a screen shot. There should be a button at the top of your keyboard that says ‘Prt Sc’. If you press this button it will take a screen shot and automatically send it to your keyboard.

6. All you need to do now is open up the Paint program on your computer. Then paste the picture in by simply clicking  ctrl+v. word 67. Since it’s a screen shot, you will have the whole screen showing. Now you will need to select the area of just the picture and click crop. Now you have just your picture.

8. Now go ahead and save it as a .jpeg or .png
word 59. My background elimination wasn’t the greatest the first time around. So I had to put it back into ipiccy, go back to paint but this time instead of erasing the background, I selected the paint brush, chose a small brush size, used the colour picker to choose the right colour and then got in even closer. word 710. Then you can use ipiccy to add in some fun text. Joyfully Home Logo

I know those were a lot of steps. But really, it’s all quite easy and doesn’t take much time once you get going. Is anyone else thinking Christmas card?

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be my blog heading forever. I just needed something fun for a little bit. It was feeling too pretty and I was needing to crazy it up a little. Jason just walks by and shakes his head when he sees it. I think it’s pretty fun, so who knows how long it will stay. I’m thinking ‘us in a pile of leaves’ for the fall. Thoughts?



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