How To Make: Fondant Ranunculus

fondant ranunculusThese fondant ranunculus were the show stopper on the Burlap and Lace Wedding cake that I made. It was that pop of colour and those large blossom that gave that punch of life to the cake. When I make flowers for cakes, I usually make more flowers than necessary for the cake so that I can choose the best looking ones to use. So although that cake only had 3 full ranunculus on them I actually made 6 of them. {That’s a lot of petals} I quickly figured out a good system for making these flowers and they started to come together quickly once I got going.

Fondant ranunculus could be lovely on a cake for any age. Or, instead of putting them on a cake, how cute would they look on cupcakes? You could could colour the fondant all different colours and have a perpetual garden of sugar! Once you know how to make one of the petals, you can make a whole bunch in varying sizes very quickly. what you will need

Materials needed for fondant ranunculus:

  • coloured fondant {I use a half fondant/half gum paste mix}
  • small round cutters of varying sizes {the tops and bottoms of round piping tips work great}
  • rolling-pin
  • spoon
  • wire
  • pliers
  • cupcake tins
  • mini cupcake tins
  • styrofoam balls on skewers in styrofoam

flower stepsHow to Make a Petal

1. First, roll out your fondant and then cut out 3 circles. Overlap the circles to form a triangle.

2. Next, flatten out the triangle a little more using your rolling-pin.

3. Then, to make the flowers a little more real, use the back of a small spoon or ball tool to fan out the edges of the leaf and make them thinner. {See picture below} Use gentle down and out strokes. I discovered the power of the back of a spoon about a year ago. It makes thinning out the edges of flower petals so fast and easy. If your spoon is tearing your fondant or sticking to it, just put a little shortening on the back of it to help it glide easier.

fan with spoon

Lay the larger petals over normal cupcake tins, mini cupcake tins and medium and small styrofoam balls on skewers for stability.

Allow them to dry for about a half an hour to an hour or until the outside of them are a little dry to the touch and holding their shape fairly well. Once the outside is dry, flip them over on a paper towel or the inside of the tins so that petals can dry completely. If you don’t flip them over at this point, you run the risk of having them dry the tins and balls and then all your hard work will be for naught.

Allow these to dry for a few hours or overnight. drying petalsTo make the center piece that will hold the whole flower together, take a piece of floral wire and, using your pliers, crimp a little hook on one end of the wire. Form a large pea-sized ball of fondant and attach it to the hooked end of the wire. making stem

Roll out your fondant very thin. Then, using the small end of round 1A piping tip, cut out three petals. Attach the petals, overlapping, around the ball.  You can add a second layer of petals if you want as well.

Allow this to dry overnight as well. petal togetherOnce everything is dry, you can either place each dried petal on one at a time going from smallest to largest. {like the above picture} or you can arrange the petals in a stack and then jab through the whole stack at one time. {Below} I did the stacking method.
stacking the petalsflower finishedUsing your pliers again, push the flower into your cake or, if you don’t need it right away, into a piece of styrofoam. finished flowerIf you aren’t putting them into the side of a cake, you can probably skip the wire. These flowers would be adorable on cupcakes in all different colours. You can also make them smaller or bigger depending on the amount and size of your layers. On the burlap and lace cake, I used just the center buds to add a more pops of colour in flower clusters.

If you make these yourselves I would love to see your work. Put your pictures of your flowers on Instagram and tag me in them @minicakelove. Happy Flowering!





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