Happy Anniversary: Nine Years

IMG_17649 years ago, I married the love of my life but it feels like yesterday.

IMG_1602 IMG_1605 IMG_1610 IMG_1652

How It Began:

Jason and I met 12 years ago at a youth conference we both attended in Colorado Springs. I was a mere 17 and he was 18. We didn’t know each other until the middle of week when we went on a day trip to go white water rafting. As we were all standing in line to board the buses, a group of girls in front of us were talking about how they wanted to go with some of the boys who were standing behind us. My mom, who was chaperoning our group, spoke up and asked if any guys would like to switch positions with some of the girls. Jason nicely volunteered to join our group. I thought he was super cute! So I was alright with that. It took until the end of the trip to final strike up a conversation with him on the bus back to the college. While on the bus, we figured out that we were all in the same meal setting. Once we figured that out, he joined us for all our meals, sat with us during the main sessions and came exploring the rock formations with us. What made me crush on him hard was when I saw him play 3-on-3 basketball. Basketball is big to me and my family and the fact that he could play, and play well, was a major bonus.

But if you know Jason, then you know that he is not the type to wear his heart on his sleeve. I knew I liked him right away, but I was convinced that he liked one of the other girls we were hanging around with because he was keeping his feelings close to heart. At the end of the week we all exchanged email addresses. As we were leaving, I finally got up the nerve to give him a hug goodbye and then moped during the entire 2 day van ride home to Alberta while he headed home to South Dakota.

One week later, my heart soared when I got an e-mail from him.

IMG_1720 IMG_1724 IMG_1726That following year, we emailed, msn’d each other, he told me that he didn’t want a relationship at that point, so I dated someone else for a bit although my heart was still attached him.

Later that spring, my heart was broken when my brother passed away. Knowing that Chris was sick and in the hospital, Jason called me for the first time not knowing that he had passed. With that phone call he had unknowingly changed my emotions surrounding that day from a hurting heart to a heart full of hope and warmth.

A few months later he came for a quick visit. We spent the next year flying back and forth to visit each other (thanks to lots of Airmiles!) I was okay with this arrangement because it allowed me to focus on college and playing basketball there, but after a year, the distance was getting old. That’s when I decided that I would transfer to a college I had been wanting to go to for a while and that just happened to be only an hour away from his hometown.

Needless to say, that November that I transferred down there, we realized that what we had, was a good thing and Jason proposed during a trip back to Alberta for a cousin’s wedding. There wasn’t much fanfare with the engagement. We had a private moment in my parent’s basement where he said a few nice things to me and then asked me to marry him. It was just as I had wanted. Simple and sweet.

That summer we got married as started this forever life with each other. He is my joy, my friend, my love.  IMG_1609

Jason’s family was down this weekend. We stole the opportunity to get his sister Jenna, who is starting to get into the photography business, to take some couple photos of us. We are super awkward when it comes to taking pictures but she managed to get a lot of really good ones! She captured the depth of our love and the awesomeness of my husband!

Warning: You are about to see some pictures of a serious hottie. But ladies, he’s mine. But you may look…for now 😉

IMG_1744 IMG_1738 IMG_1742And then there were a few of me! 

IMG_1751 IMG_1749 But I love us together to most. {Just lke in real life}IMG_1764 IMG_1766Thank you Jenna for taking such wonderful pictures of us! If you are in the Sioux Falls area and want to get some pictures done by her, then I can pass on her information. Since she’s still building her portfolio you can get a session in a for a great price!





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  1. Fay Mul says:

    Hi Kat…… Marianne’s mom here! Saw your post and just want to let you know that we also celebrate a very happy anniversary…. 26 years! Wishing you a very happy day and a blessed year ahead. Fay

  2. Steph says:

    I love the ones on the blue background – where is that? You both look great – Happy Anniversary and love to you both

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