Delicate Flowers on Gold

gold and flowers cake
It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to just be at home, alone, and just create.

On Saturday, my mom and dad graciously took my children all day. The kids got a day full of playing at the park with Grandpa, beating grandma at a game of basketball, playing with new friends and enjoying the spoils of their raspberry bush while I got a day to play with fondant, frosting and Netflix.

During that time I was able to put the finishing touches on this wedding cake that I had started the day before and then do another wedding cake {to be revealed soon}.

front viewI’ve finally figured out some methods for making flower petals that work for me. I’m a pretty analytical person. When I looked at something, I can almost instantly figure out a plan to make my vision come into reality. But for some reason flowers have taken me a bit longer to figure out. Small flowers have always been pretty straight forward to make, it’s the bigger flowers that can be tricky at times, especially if they involve wires and supports. So it was lovely to spend Saturday practicing these new flower making methods and getting really comfortable, and quick, with them.  gold cake side viewLater in the afternoon my mom brought my kids back home. Since Jason was done with work by that time, we left the kids with him and my mom helped me deliver the cake and mini cupcakes to the reception. I was able to put all my cake stands to use again in this charming display. We were also asked to incorporate some baklava that the bride and groom had order for the wedding into the wedding (I did not make it, although I think I need to try it sometime)

cake at lodge cake table full tableSorry that the pictures from the wedding reception aren’t very good. The lighting in this hall was pretty dark. I think I need to remember in the future to take a look at the cakes I make under some bad lighting at home. I’m always amazed at how different the cakes look under different lighting. Sometimes, depending on the lighting, flaws are less visible and sometimes the bad lighting enhances them, which is a niiiightmare!

Anyway, here’s one last look at the cake under beautiful natural sunlight! Mmm, I love me some sun!

front view

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