Caleb’s Party

Caleb and cakeCaleb's Birdie Cakeparty table brooke and cay 1 water balloon pass gavin balloon plotting get Stephen parachute parachute2 parachute mushroom in tarp under parachute Benji presents presents 2 grandma and BenjiMy sweet, funny, athletic, crazy, melt-me-with-a-grin, twinkled-eyed little guy turned 4. It feels just like yesterday that I was learning how to pull the trailer home for the first time, going over speed bumps in the campground parking lot, feeling the first surges of labour pain and then meeting my little Caleb the next morning. I loved his cute little face then and I love it even more now.

Ever since then, we’ve been celebrating his birthday at that same campground.

Our family loves camping. We love leaving all of our cares at home, hanging out by the fire, biking in the afternoons and maybe get a beach day in. Getting the trailer and kids together to go camping is enough work, but then adding a cake a birthday party to mix can be a little overwhelming. That’s why I’m learning to keep things simple. This year I was going to just make cupcakes for Caleb’s party. For months and months he’s been asking for a Star Wars Angry Birds Cake. So on the day I was going to make the toppers I called Caleb to me to see which characters he liked the most. He said, “None.I’ve changed my mind.” He then went on to explain that he loves puppies and horsies but especially rainbow birds. I tried to veer him back to the original plan but he was pretty set on rainbow birds. So, that’s what he got. Rainbow birds on a cake. It actually turned out pretty cute and he LOVED it. He even stayed up late and helped me add a few sprinkles to the cake. (A child after my own heart!)

As for games we kept it simple. I filled up a few water balloons and then the kids partnered up for a “pass the water balloons race”, which then ended up in “Attack Uncle Stephen” and a mini water fight.

After some ice cream dixie  cups and the present opening, I pulled out a parachute and we played a few parachute games because, seriously, who doesn’t love parachutes. I always forget how hot those things get on the inside. Us adults were dying as the kids were loving it up!

Thanks to everyone who came out to make Caleb’s birthday special! Until next year!



P.S. Guess what Caleb? I love you….oh and Guess what? …….Monkey Butt.

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