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hat forward croppedWith Father’s Day coming up this week, it’s a good time to talk about what kind of cake design would be good for the man in your life. And I think I have the perfect one here!

I don’t know many guys who don’t wear hats. Whether it’s a baseball cap, a basketball hat, a golf hat, a racing hat or just a brand name or company hat, guys like to wear hats. My husband is no exception. He is totally a hat guy. If I’m stuck for what to get him for his birthday or Christmas, I know that he would love either a new hat or a Travis Matthew golf shirt. The guy is pretty easy. So, last year for his 30th birthday I made 3 hat cakes and one of them just happened to be his favorite Travis Matthew hat.


The first time I made these cakes, it took a little bit of time to figure out exactly how to make them (especially the bill of the hat) but now I have a pretty good system for making them and today I’m here to share with you how to make one!.

What you will need (you can improvise for a few of the things listed below):

  • cake (2 six inch rounds and half a ball)
  • 2 cups of buttercream icing
  • fondant (I buy mine at Bulk Barn)
  • thin cardboard
  • rolling pin
  • exact-o knife
  • pizza cutter
  • smoothing tool
  • Hat Bill Template

Let’s get started!

Begin by baking half of your favorite recipe or using this chocolate cake recipe that is already halved, in 2 six inch round pans and half of a ball pan.

stacked cakesFrost between the layers and give the cake a light coating all the way around.
crumb coatColor about 2 cups of fondant and then roll it and place it ontop of your cake. Smooth it and then trim off the excess with a pizza cutter.

fondant coveredCreate the logo that you want to use. Normally I print off the design I want on paper, cut it out and then trace it onto the fondant using an exact-o knife. But this time I just rolled a skinny piece of fondant and just formed it along the letters then put it on a blue backing.

visor and label

Now to place the bill of the hat.

First print off this Hat Bill Template that I put together.  Using this tracer, trace out the larger section in the colour of fondant you would like, then use the ‘cardboard’ template to cut a piece of thin cardboard for underneath the fondant  (A cereal box works great!).

Begin by placing a flattened piece of fondant near the front of the cake.

clumpThen first place your cardboard on top of the lump of fondant. It won’t lay right just yet, but that’s okay.

cardboardThen place the fondant bill on top of the cardboard. Make sure that it butts up right to the cake. Make any trims or alterations as necessary.

place billThen make a dot at the top middle of the cake. Using a small smoothing edge (you can easily use toothpick or knife to do this too) make a line that goes down from that point to the middle of the bill of the cake and then straight down the back as well.

center lineDivide the top of the hat into 6 sections by lightly pressing two more lines on each side.

hat linesPaint a little bit of water onto to back of your logo and then place it where you want it on the cake.

water on the back of label logo on hatThe last thing you need to do is make a small button for the top of the hat by just rolling a little fondant, flattening it and placing it on top. Then to make the air holes, I used the end of a #12 tip to make a round dot and then used a #4 tip to make a hole inside the dot. Then place one in each section of the hat.

airholes top viewOnce your air holes are on, you’re done.

side profile hat forward

Variations for this cake are pretty easy too:

  • Mesh back hat: Use that tool that you used to make the hat’s lines to make holes throughout the back of the hat.
  • Small Design: Just print the logo off on your computer (like I did for Jason’s black and white Travis Matthew hat), cut it out and place it on the cake. Just remove it before eating.

This hat was super fun to make. If you keep the design really simple then you can get this cake done in a very short time.  I hope you get a chance to make this cake sometime for someone who you love! Maybe even this weekend!


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  1. Kelly @ JAX does design says:

    This is one of the most adorable cakes I’ve ever seen! You got absolutely every detail perfect, right down to the little air holes :-) Too bad my hubby isn’t a hat guy… oh, but my dad is! I’m going to have to make him a baseball cap cake for his combo birthday/Father’s Day dinner. Thanks for sharing!
    Kelly @ JAX does design recently posted…Master bathroom renovation revealMy Profile

    • jkferrie@shaw.ca says:

      What? You’re hubby’s not a hat guy? haha
      I hope that you can make it sometime for your dad. If you do, send me a picture!

  2. Mazeda says:

    Wow you made that look easy the colours are amazing I can’t wait to try this
    You’ve given me a few ideas
    Thanking you

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