Saturday 5: It’s All About the Stand

I truly believe that a beautiful cake needs a beautiful cake stand. Even if the cake is not the most beautiful thing ever, place it on a stand it will look about 100 times better!  A stand is like a string of pearls on the neck. It accentuates, sparkles and can detract from any imperfections.

Even just placing the cake on a plate and putting it on an downturned bowl will help with the cake presentation.

For this weeks Saturday 5, I’m going to focus on cake stands.

1. Black stand with Glass Cloche – I love the elegance that black brings to an event. It highlights and showcases this simple little cake with beauty and ease.

black stand{Source: Magazine- Utterly Engaged}

2. Paper Doily – I love the idea of place a paper doily on the stand to give it a little more substance. It’s an easy way to change a simple glass stand for really cheap!

doily on stand{Source: Unknown. Let me know if you know where it’s from}

3. Mini Teal – We all know I love small things and I love small colourful things even more! This stand is perfect. I love the little lace lining the top.

mini blue stand{Source: Style Me Pretty}

4. Scale Stand – But really there’s no need to only think of a tradional stand when looking to display your cake. Think outside the box. This cake is being displayed on a vintage blue scale.

on scale{Source: Style Me Pretty}

5. Natural Stand – There’s also no better place to look than God’s beautiful creation as well. I love a tree stumps or a myriad of sliced wooden stumps as a stand. A few of my favorite cakes were really simple in design but made to stand out by being elevated on wooden stands.

wood stand

{Source: Riverland Studios}

I’m feeling a little inspired to go out and make my own stand now. I’m thinking something colourful. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll have to experiment a little.

Next week, I’ll be forgoing my Saturday 5 because I’ll be busy making all those lovely Mother’s Day cakes that I showed last Sunday. Get in contact with me if you like to order one. You can message me on Facebook or email me at

Mother's Day Sale

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