Mother’s Day Mini Cake Sale

I love my mom. She has always been a pillar of strength, love and laughter in our family. She is always quick to forgive, quick to lend a helping hand and quick to offer a listening ear and a word of encouragement. 
My mom is one of my strongest supporters. She encouraged me to follow my dreams, move to another country to pursue love and be the wife, mother and person I am today! 
It’s the small, quiet moments I cherish the most. Up until the day I got married, I would crawl into bed with her in the mornings to get a few more minutes of shut eye, which would usually turn into cherished times of chatter and laughter. 
She knows what makes me tick, what makes me angry, what makes me laugh and what makes me cry. Growing up she would squeeze my moodiness out of me with a hug that wouldn’t quit until I was laughing. 
She loves my children as much as I do. She takes care of my children almost everyone morning while I’m at work. She knows them, loves them for their strengths and weaknesses and allows them to litter her basement with cars and legos. 
She has shown me what true woman of God looks like. 
I know I’m a little partial, but I think I have the greatest mom ever!
To celebrate how much I love my mom and moms in general (I know a lot of you have some pretty great mothers or are pretty great mother’s yourself), I am putting on a little Mother’s Day cake special. 
All orders must be made by May 7, in order to have your cakes ready for pick up on Saturday, May 10 (The day before Mother’s Day). 
I’m going to have these three beautiful cakes in two different sizes for a great price. And just because I love motherhood so much, I want to give 20% of the purchase price to the Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Center for all the love and support they give to women who are bravely battling through unexpected pregnancies and losses. 
Mother's Day Giveaway
The flavors available for each of these cakes are: 
White Almond, Decadent Chocolate, Moist Lemon, and Gluten-Free (add $1 for 4 inch and $2 for 6 inch) chocolate cakes. 
  • 4 inch cakes are two layers high and able to feed 4-6 people.
  • 6 inch cakes are three layers high and feeds 10-12 people. 
  • Each cake is filled with buttercream icing. Other fillings are available for additional costs. 
  • Each cake can come with a fully decorated top or a smooth top with a special saying to your mother. 

Option 1: Dainty Ruffle Cake. This cake can be costumized to any colour. 

peach ruffle cake

2. Rosette: You can have an ombre look (different shades) or you can keep to just one favorite colour. 

peach ombre rosette cake

3. Sprinkles & Fondant Ruffle – This cake is available in a variety of shades of sprinkles and colours of ruffles. You can also skip the sprinkles and have just a flat finish buttercream cake with ruffle top and bottom.

pearl sprinkles ruffle cake
You can also order a custom cake for regular price. These cakes can also be available in larger sizes. Please contact me for those pricings, along with a description of the cake you would like. 
Show your mom or the mother of your children by showing them how much you love them this Mother’s Day, whether it’s with a cake or something else special!
Come back tomorrow because I have a special surprise for some lucky person!


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