A Gold Wedding

When the bride said, “Gold,” I said, “Yes, Please!”

I love gold. I truly believe that there is always a place for gold, especially in a wedding!

 I knew that the bride was going to want gold before we even met, so the day of the meeting I looked around my house and saw a few white and gold frames and thought they would be the perfect little resting places for so cupcakes! Between the glittery, gold cake, gold cupcake liners and the plum purple cupcakes, it was the perfect mix between glitz, glamour and sophistication.

I decided to take some pictures at home before I took everything to the hall, since you never know how the lighting will be at some places.

gold wedding cake

gold wedding

Here’s what it looked like at the reception hall under the archway.

When we (my sister-in-law and I) walked into the hall we were greeted by the most beautiful lace backdrop behind the head table. We just couldn’t resist taking some pictures with it as the background. So, we did the completely normal and practical thing, and….picked up the fully loaded table and set it in front of the beautiful backdrop. I wish I could have done the lace justice with these pictures. It was just lovely!
gold and lace
We can’t forget the groom’s cake now can we? The bride wanted a special cake for her soon-to-be husband at the rehearsal dinner. I thought it was sweet when her mother said, “He drummed his way into her heart” at out meeting. 

It seemed like a beautiful wedding and I’m so glad I could play a part in it. 

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  1. Daniela Duriavig says:

    Everything turned out so gorgeous! And those purple cupcakes are the prettiest! Any way we can convince you to post a video tutorial showing how to ice those beautiful purple flowers??? Pretty please? :)

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