Create a Watercolor Cake with Buttercream

At the beginning of the week I shared the recipe for White Almond Cake. It’s beautiful, tastes delicious every time and is a cinch to make. I had decorated it using a buttercream watercolor technique that I’m going to show you today!
Watercolor frosting technique
This specific cake is a 2 layer, 6 inch cake using half a recipe of White Almond Cake.
You are going to want to start with a crumb coated cake. For a cake this size, I whipped about 1 cup of butter and 1 1/2 cups of icing sugar to completely decorate this cake, including the filling in between the cake layers. More instructions on how to create the icing, including pictures can be found here
Colour 1/3 of the icing yellow and 1/3 pink. Take each colour and frost half the sides and the entire top with one colour and half the side with the other colour. 
Then smooth it out using a straight edge spatula. 
You could stop there. it’s a pretty look. But… I like the washed out watercolor looked a little better. 
Next, put a stripe of white along the middle then smooth the cake again using your spatula. The white helps to blend the two colours together. 
I should have taken a picture, but I wasn’t happy with the look yet, so I used the spatula to mix the pink and yellow a little and then smooth it on. It’s really just a give and take of adding colour and then taking it off until you have it just right. 
Then take a little time to smooth it out!
I love the bits of white poking out underneath, giving the cake depth and movement. 

If I had time, a giant flower would have been perfect poking up off the top.

Come, Spring, Come!

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