Transformers & Tile

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When one of my friends, Janice, asked me to make a Bumblebee transformers cake for her son’s 4th birthday, I got pretty excited. Of course I thought of the Transformers with Shiah LeBoef and then thought, 
Isn’t that a little scary for a 3 year old? 
After giving her some ideas from the Transformers movie, she sent me this picture for inspiration.
Apparently on Netflix, there is a kids show called:
Transformers: Rescue Bots Cast and Characters Revealed, D.C. Douglas to voice Chase
It’s supposed to be a really cute, fun show that comes with a good message for kids each episode. I’m sure my kids would love it if given the opportunity to watch. 
So Janice asked me to make a similar cake for her son but to make it look like Chase, the police car transformer instead. 
I love how he turned out!
Chase: Transformers Rescue Bots Cake

And, like a good transformer, he is always standing watch for trouble bots 
{or fondant sneaking children named Caleb and Brooke!}

Even when being boxed up, he is still on duty!

Is anyone else noticing the tile in the background? 
We finally got the subway tile put up this past week and then, once the cake was finished and picked up, we finally got around to grouting it!
We are loving the look! It’s amazing how tile just finishes off a space.

You can look for a full reveal next week, but here’s a sneak peak!
We are going to take Saturday off and do something fun with the kids like swimming or skating. 
It should be fun!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. castyourworries says:

    I love your Chase cake! I re-created it for my girl’s birthday party. It was my first time covering a cake in fondant…so lots of cracks; but nonetheless still loved by a 2 and 5 yr old! I linked pics of my cake to you so people can visit the real inspiration. Thanks for sharing your talents!

    • Kathryn Ferrie says:

      Fondant is kind of tricky. I’m glad it turned out despite the cracks. (even after working with fondant a lot, I get cracks occasionally! So don’t worry about it. Kids don’t notice anyway!)
      I went over to you blog but couldn’t find the post with the cake. I would love to take a peek, so send me the link if you get a chance!
      Have a great day!

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