Taking a Kitchen Break to Skate

Last week Saturday, Jason unofficially finally became a Canadian…..
he bought his first pair of ice skates!!!

I had found a pair of skates for Brooke at a thrift store a few weeks ago and she has been begging to go skating ever since. So, when we remembered that there was a fundraiser for our school at the skating rink, we took a pause from the kitchen makeover and decided to take the kids and do what every Canadian child must learn to do…SKATE!

Neither Jason nor I had skates. (I know…bad Canadian Kat! {slap my wrists})

So we did what everyone who needs skates does…we went to *Canadian Tire (how more Canuck can you get…), were shocked at how many size 13 skates there were, tried on about 5 pairs, forced him to buy the most comfortable ones for the least amount of money, got them sharpened and BAM, went skating.
The kids loved it!! (and so did we!)

(Despite Jason’s unenthusiastic look, he had a great time…and didn’t even fall!)

 Brooke was just a little excited! Don’t you think. Finally ice, instead of my parent’s carpeted living room!

 She got really good at it by the end. She held onto me for the first half. Then we got her a mini hockey net support thingy to push around and then she decided to just toss it to the side and skate like the big kids. She went almost the whole length of the rink without even falling! (Must take after her mother right….?)

We put Caleb onto some bob skates and he did great. The far end of the rink was sectioned off for a hockey shoot out….I bet you can guess where Caleb wanted to be the Whole. Time.
Yep, Jason had to play pass with him for about 40 minutes. Thank goodness my brother Matt had brought along a puck and a couple of small sticks…or else I don’t know what we would have done.

We only convinced him to leave the ice because the Zamboni was making its appearance.
{Even as an adult I’m still fascinated by that machine!}

 Here’s a little video of the kids playing a little hockey and Benj watching along!
The ending is CLASS-IC!!

Jason also got his permanent resident renewal card in the mail that day too. It was all meant to be I guess.
Now I just want to go with Jason and myself and actually skate around the ice at a pace faster than cold molasses.

Maybe tomorrow or Saturday I’ll be back with some more kitchen pictures. 
You can look forward to seeing our electrical all hooked up, new fridge, new dishwasher, maybe some junk taken out and some furniture brought back in and potentially new countertops…Eeeek!! So excited!
Have a happy start to your weekend!!
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