Knock on a Wood Wall

I’m going to keep this rather short.

Hey Jason, want to help me rip apart the crates that we have in the backyard and nail them around the window in the kitchen?

 say what
Then, after about a week of convincing, 
He gave in…
We manhandled the crates apart… 
We bled… 
We cursed told the crates who’s boss….
We stood back and patted ourselves on the back. 
untreated wood
Then a few days later I wiped them down and slathered them in wood sunscreen.
crate wood wall
  Original idea for sealing the wood was polyurethane but that yellowed a test sample,
 so I went with this instead:
We are going with the Numerar butcher block counter tops from IKEA on the island, so I had a can of wood treatment that they recommend to go with it in the basement.
I love how it deepened the colour of the wood, making it look almost wet.
wood wall lights
We also had to decide how we wanted to trim out the window. We knew that regular window trim would look odd so we played with having no trim and just butt the wood right up to the edge of the window. It was a good look but the problem would come with how to trim out the rest of the window. We finally settled on casing the window in really skinny trim.
Definitely the right choice!
I love the look and can’t wait to see how it looks with our new cabinets. Fingers are crossed that this will happen by the end of the week. {please, please, pretty please}
wood wall lights
Until then, I will stare at my wood walls with love and longing and be so thankful that I am blessed to have such a great husband who will go along with my hair-brained ideas.
{Who’s just as stoked about them as I am!}
If you live in the area and want to get your hands on some great crates then here’s the kijiji ad that led me to the ones I picked up. The place is easy to get to and they are super helpful!
You check out the other projects that I’ve made using them as well. {Map Joined in Love Sign, I Like-Love You Sign and Front Entry Drawer}
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  1. Gretchen says:

    That wall looks great! We put numerar countertops in our old house before we sold it….they really looked beautiful–I kind of miss them; I barely got to use them before we moved.

    • Kathryn Ferrie says:

      I love the look of the numerar countertops. I’m just a little sad because ours turns out to be a little warped. We didn’t notice until our cabinet guy installed it. It sure is pretty though!

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