Hey Girl!

As you already know, Jason puts up with A LOT with me! He is a total gem and I’m so thankful he has stuck around for these 7 1/2 years. Out of all the guys that God could have sent my way, I’m so grateful that he sent me Jason. No one can make me laugh the way he does, or keep my head screwed onto my neck like he does or rock a scruffy mountain man-like beard than he does.
If you are on Pinterest then I’m sure you’ve seen all the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” photos out there. After seeing a few other fellow bloggers Hey Girl-ing´╗┐ their husbands, I thought I would join in. If you want to get your giggle on you can check out the “Hey Girl” linky party put on here.
 Here are a few I came up with to celebrate my hubby for this Valentines day.

Mr. Angry Bird cake wanted in on the action.

Happy LOVE DAY everyone! We plan to spend it working on the house and filling our kids with Valentine’s coloured jelly beans! (I would love to see your own Hey Girl of your hubby!)


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