Cabinets Are In!!!!!!

I am soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!
We are getting so close to being done, we can taste it. 
Here are a few pictures to show you the amazing progress.
Empty kitchen {not empty any more though!}

Before we get to the reveal, do you notice a new back door? 
We got this unexpected cost because someone thought it would be fun to pry open our door and rob us…. 
BOOOOOO criminals!!!
Thankfully they were only after cash and left everything else untouched.
 It made for a fun little adventure with the police. 
The guy who came to take fingerprints was a ton of fun! He was in the bedroom looking at the “crime scene” (the contents of our safe strewn about), looked at my “I Like-Love You” sign and started to chuckle and say, “What’s with the sign? Some kind of inside joke or something?”. I just grinned and shot back, “Yeah…you wouldn’t understand.”
Then Caleb came upstairs to check out the POLICEMEN! He was nervously chewing on his fingers so the fingerprinting policeman called Caleb over to him and asked to see Caleb’s fingers. He gently wiggled and twisted Caleb’s fingers and then told him that Caleb’s fingers were feeling a little loose and that if he continued to chew on his fingers that his fingers would fall off. Caleb looked at his hand with shock and we sat back and told Caleb that he had better to listen to the policeman.
Benj put on his cute little baby show by squealing and cruising around his playpen like a crazy monkey.
It took Brooke about a half an hour to get up the nerve to check out the policeman. But once she did come up, she talked their ear off until I had to send her back into the basement to give them a moment of peace. 
Anyway, back to kitchen progress.
Empty Kitchen:

Cabinet’s installed. About 75% finished.

When we came back this morning we found the butcher block on the island.

Then Jason, Matt and I spent the rest of the day laying flooring. It feels so good to have that done!!

The counter top guy also came today to make the template for the counter tops. If our kitchen was at all square, he could have made a template a few weeks ago but NOTHING is straight or square in the house.
Case-in-point: There was an inch and an eighth difference between the height of the floor from the island side to the window. They had to use A LOT of shims!

Oh well, we are loving our blue island, plenty of beautiful drawers and freshly laid flooring.

The end is in sight!! Monday will be a cleaning and putting stuff away day!!

Have a blessed weekend!


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