Rain, Rain…Glorious Rain!

On Thursday it rained ALL DAY! Although it made for a quite dreary looking day, my kids still took every opportunity to enjoy it and spend as much time as they could splashing in puddles and making mud soup and pies.

At around 9:00 am, Brooke was begging to go outside in the rain. So, still in pajamas and all, they donned their boots and jackets and headed outside.

Caleb went through 4 pairs of pants and 3 different modes of footwear. The kid has fat feet, so the yellow boots weren’t going to cut it. Then I tried on a pair of Brooke’s boots that should have been way too big, but I couldn’t squish his feet in them either. He ended up just wearing some flip flop (Old Navy: 2 pairs for $6 right now. Awesome selection!). Needless to say, his feet were a “little” red/blue by the time he came in. Also his jacket wasn’t quite cutting it either. Rain jackets and boots are on the shopping list for sure!

 Here are the kids out for the second time of the day. Jason snapped these when he got home!

Here’s a little video of the kidlets making some Mud Pie!

Hope you are all having a lovely spring! I can’t wait for the green to come after all this rain we’re getting!


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