Our Little Man: Benjamin John

God has once again blessed us with a beautiful new little guy. We knew going in that he was going to be a boy and pretty quickly we named before even meeting him: Benjamin John Ferrie. We call him Benji most of the time or Benj, or B.J., or Benny-boy. Basically he is going to have to deal with whatever pops out of our mouths at the time.

We are busy falling in love him and adjusting to life with a new little squeakers. We have found out that he doesn’t really cry (although he showed he sure can after he got that miserable heel prick blood test…poor little guy!) he more just squeaks and squeals. He kind of sounds like a cross between letting air out of balloon and a little kitten at times. Quite cute.

So he came a little earlier than I had anticipated. On Sunday I was telling people that I wasn’t expecting him for at least another week even though my due date was on Sunday. I was measuring small, there were some discrepancies between my dates and the ultrasound dates and I was just feeling way to stinkn’ good still. But needless to say, babies come when they want and he wanted to come on Monday night and he wanted to come quick. (I had good 15-19 hour labours with the others and Benji was born within 5-6 hours…but don’t worry it was manageable. I’ll probably share how it went in a later post, while trying to save you of all the gory details).

He was born at a great time: 10:13. It is normal bedtime for us, so we didn’t feel like we missed any sleep and we had a whole night of just Benji and Jason and I to get used to each other. Basically, he slept the whole night and I laid there trying to sleep while hopped up on adrenaline and waiting for the nurse to come in every hour to check him and me. Jason eventually went home to sleep in his own bed at about 2am and then came back to the hospital just before 8 to get his snuggle on again.

Around 11, my mom brought the kids by and Benji proceeded to get mauled by his adoring siblings.

Brooke and Caleb were so cute.

Brooke we knew would gush all over her new little brother, get distracted by something and then go off into her own little world and ask for food. Which is exactly what she did.

Caleb on the other hand. We thought he would be pretty oblivious to what was happening and not care a whole lot. We were so wrong. The kid LOVE, LOVE, LOVES his new little brother. He walked into the room shushing us all because he was told baby was sleeping. He wanted to see and poke Benji right away, crawl up on the bed and hold him. He is so gentle with him and just looks at him with the most adoring eyes.

My dad came a little bit into the visit and got a chance to hold Benjamin (or little Johnny, as I’m sure he’ll try to get us to call him). I’m pretty sure him and my mom are pretty impressed by little man. They were just beaming.

And then the cousins came and it got fun!

It got nice and loud (a good kind of loud with kids and enthusiasm) and Benji just kept on sleeping through it all. Caleb turned into a dinosaur/ninja/Super Mario as soon as Gavin entered the room. Each kid got to hold little Benji, the most excited being little Cate!
When they weren’t holding him, they were usually by the window watching people come and go from the hospital and occasionally licking it or smooshing their faces and hands against it.
After a whole day of hanging out in a hospital bed, I was ready to go home. The problem was that they now don’t do the heel prick test until 24 hours after birth. So we had a few options:
  1. Spend another night
  2. Wait until 10 to get it finished and then go home
  3. Go home whenever and then come back in the morning to get his test done at the lab.
We chose option number 2. Apparently so did 3 other couples. (One who had their baby 6 minutes before us). We hoped to be home by 10:30 but because there was a line up we had to wait until 10:30 just to get the blood work done. But oh well. Here we are waiting!!

Benji was a little more calm than his parents. He just drifted in and out of sleep. We also took the opportunity to introduce the soother (which he took right away..THANK YOU!!). I wanted to feed him when we got home, so it was a saving grace.
We had a pretty good night together and then the next day the kids came for a little lunch visit.
Brooke wanted to hold Benjamin right away but after seeing Brooke with his baby, Caleb crawled right up and tried to grab Benj out of Brooke’s arms.

They also brought Benjamin his first puppy. Caleb was so excited to introduce the two of them. He just kept taking the puppy and making him kiss Benji. So sweet!

So far things have gone well. We’re getting about 2 hour stretches of sleep and he’s eating pretty good. Jaundice is setting in a little but now that my milk is coming in, I think it should go away pretty quick. We can’t get over how cute he is and how much he looks like Brooke and Caleb, but yet he’s his own little person.

I’m sure I’ll overload you with more pictures of little man in the future, so we’ll call it a day for now!
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him and feel so incredibly blessed. God’s biggest blessings come in the smallest packages!


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  1. Lowell & Julie says:

    Congratulations again, Kat. He is soooo cute! I especially love all the pictures of his siblings and cousins doting on him. And not surprisingly… you look amazing! Wishing you many nights of much sleep!

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