My Daughter the Artist

So today we did something that we have never done in the Ferrie house…Brooke painted!

I know some of you are shocked because you know I am totally the mom that doesn’t mind messy things taking place in my home, hence parties with upwards for 15 rugrats where I feed them lots of cake and candy and then let them run around with sticky fingers. (For goodness sakes, I’m letting a bunch of kids, armed with hard boiled eggs into my home on Monday with the sole purpose of “creating one of a kind masterpieces” with permanent dyes, markers and maybe paint). I also actually asked for craft stuff for Brooke for her birthday and got a plenitude of paint and other messy things (THANKS GUYS!)

Anyway, so Brooke painted this afternoon.

Brooke created a few different drawings.
 Some with light and fluffy themes, like rainbows and rain and names.
She calls the top one “Mommy’s Rainbow” and the bottom is called “Brooke”
But then, like a starving artist, she set herself to more ominous themes.
This one she calls “Baa”
and I quote: “It is sheep in the rain and they get dead”

I should explain that Brooke, ever since learning about how Jesus died on the cross and after reading “I Knew an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly”, has been obsessed with death. Most stories she tells have the characters dieing. Poor Aunty Jamie and Jenna, Brooke loves to make up stories about them but one of them always dies in it.
She was also mad at Caleb at the time. So she was already grumpy and pessimistic.
(I think we are going have quite the long drawn out teenage years with her!)
How do you even begin to explain to a 3 year old the concept of death? (Feel free to enlighten me!) We kind of just gloss over it and ignore it, like the good parents we are! haha
BTW: The Easter Egg dying party is open to all (unless your child is a disaster and will throw permanent dye all over my house haha). Let me know if you are coming and bring some eggs to dye and a snack to share!

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  1. Caryn says:

    Oh how I wish I could answer that question!!! I’m afraid Alexa has heard way too much about it — she CONSTANTLY asks if Grandpa can come visit from Heaven like her Aunt & Uncle do from California & like the good parent I am I usually reply something like “oh how I wish!” — when she keeps asking what it means to die we typically just try to answer that dying means you leave this life we know & go to live with God in Heaven — she then asks where’s Heaven & we are those non-descriptive parents who reply “with God” :)which so far she seems to accept. If you figure out a great way to explain death feel free to share the knowledge!

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