Crazy in Public

Brooke + Caleb + Plus big stores + a tired mom = chaos.

They have a hard time drawing the line between having fun and being crazy — (often times so embarrassing that you can’t help but laugh)

A few weeks ago we had go to Canadian Tire to quickly look for a bracket for a bed. Since we thought it was going to be a quick trip we decided to forgo the cart and let Caleb and Brooke walk behind us like good little children. WRONG! Within minutes the two of them were hiding behind racks, Caleb starts kicking Brooke (to make her chase him) and then Brooke slips on the floor and Caleb body slams on top of her. Yeah, I know….Fun times! After reading them the riot act, we go to the hardware isle and Jason and I start perusing the racks. While we are preoccupied the kids grab the opportunity and take off. Literally 2 seconds and they were gone. So out the isle we go and then, to our surprise, at the end of the isle is a family who sits behind us at church.
*Side Note* Now this family probably already think we were the worst parents ever seeing as they are constantly witness to Brooke crawling all over the pews while we are singing, throwing tantrums and giving us the stink eye when we refuse to give her more candies.
Well, they took one look at us, didn’t say a word but just pointed. Within 10 seconds those monkeys had made it across the entire store and were busy playing tag in the paint section. That is a typical journey out for us.

And then there’s the trips to Safeway. We try to get the car shopping cart so that both kids can sit and be occupied. The problem arises during checkout when I have to give up the car cart for regular cart seeing as you can’t take the other one out of the store. So for those 5 -15 minutes that it takes to ring up our groceries it is utter chaos. I’m constantly calling for Caleb to come back, trying to keep him from getting his head caught in the automatic doors, trying to keep them from running down the elderly, asking them not to lay on the floor in the middle of the isle and telling them no candy (and then having to buy a chocolate bar that they’ve opened, although its a sort of mock being mad because once in the vehicle I get to eat the goods, which I LOVE). Yeah, fun times! I can see the teller look at me, look at the kids and then look at my bulging belly and just sigh. To be honest—sometimes I do the same. I look at the two crazies I already have and then at my stomach and just sigh! haha

Now not all their antics are naughty, something they do are just awkward and funny!
Like, yesterday we went to Toys’r Us to buy a new crib mattress (we thought we’d give this new babe the royal treatment and then hope for better sleeping patterns {fingers crossed}). While we were contemplating our purchase, Brooke takes down an umbrella stroller and proceeds to push baby Caleb around the store as he just grunts and points in the direction she should go.

After paying we and another set of expectant parents were sitting at the front of the store waiting for the mattress to be brought to us and Brooke noticed a whole row of kids’ bikes. Some of you don’t know Brooke very well, but if you did then you would know that Brooke can get quite excited and animated.  Her arms start punctuating each point with exaggerated movements and she develops a drawl like she’s some southern pageant queen (Any word with “a” in it becomes drawn out like “ca-an’t or “pa-ants”.)

Well, she got soooo excited about the bikes. Her voice got super loud and husky/squeaky and she ranted and ranted “I LOVE princess bikes and Ga-avin loves s-piderma-an bikes.Ye-ah! {wild arm movements} When I’m 5 like Ha-alle and Ga-avin then I can ride my rocket ship bike FA-AST like Li-ightning McQueen, but I’m only 3 so I ca-an’t yet! But I don’t like Mario, no I like Cars and Airplanes {As she spreads her arms and zooms around” She went on and on. The other couple just kept looking at each other and saying “Wow! She’s something else”, not sure what they are getting themselves into. I wish we would have taken a video of it. Once she was done, Caleb, as per his norm, starts kicking her feet and jumping around like a mad man. Lovely!

And we are the tired parents, who just let them be wild and crazy. I’m considering not wearing makeup so that the bags under the eyes are over-emphasized and I can grasp whatever pity I can from onlookers! Maybe someday when I have energy again, I’ll care…but for now, let the crazies have fun!

I bet lots of you can relate to this! I guess we just have to remember that God has blessed and entrusted us with his little children, even though they tend to embarrass us in public. The pain we go through now is worth it in the end (I have to remember that for labour too!). Hey, and God never gives us more that we can handle! Happy Child-raising!


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  1. Debbie says:

    Kat I feel your pain. I avoid public at all costs with my kids. But really my philosophy is if you can have 2 kids, you can have 10 kids so no worries with #3. At least you can laugh about it right!

  2. Caryn says:

    So incredibly true! Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one who has kids like that…or who feels that way! :) Your kids are adorable!

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