A Night on the Town

We decided to have an early dinner tonight so that we could get a few errands finished before bedtime. In the rush to get out of the house and get Brooke to eat her veggies we promised her a slurpee (something she asks for every time we pass a 7’ve) BTW, Caleb on the otherhand had about 3 servings of broccoli and cauliflower. Yeah he’s awesome like that! haha 
During the evening Brooke and Caleb proceeded to act like a bunch of monkeys; running around Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Caleb falling and gouging his head on a shelf (possibly giving himself a concussion) and touching everything.
But at 6:45 (because we are such good parents), we finally got the kids their slurpees, and because mommy is pregnant, we got candy too!
Caleb after about 3 slurps got tired of the straw, so I did what every good mom would do, I took off the lid and handed it back to him. Below is the result! Hands and mouth bright orange…..
But look at that face…he’s so happy and cute. The next 20 minutes were spent watching him run from one end of the house to other, throwing himself into things and babbling away like he was high.
All of this while Brooke nicely sat on the couch to finish her slurpee and then declare that she was tired and ready for bed!
Oh how different my kids are! The differences are what we love and is what makes life so interesting and a whole lot of fun! These little moments are what make me feel the most blessed.
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