House Revamp: Brooke’s Room & My Brookie – Getting so big!

I love it when people see Brooke running around and declare, “Wow that’s a little Kathryn right there.” My usual response is, “She’s going to turn out pretty awesome then I guess!” With that statement I usually get  an amused “Sure.”…as if implying that I didn’t turn out well…haha! It always makes me laugh. But as I think back on my life, if Brooke has half the love, half the experiences and half the fun that I have had, then she is a pretty blessed girl.

I had a talk with my mom a while back about Brooke when she was Caleb’s age and was going through a stage where she was soooo emotional. Everything made her cry and the tantrums were so uncontrollable and unending that I really didn’t know what to do with her. My mom put it simply, “Kathryn, she is exactly like you. You are either going to embrace her, emotional wreck and all, and understand where’s coming from because you know what she’s feeling OR you are going to battle with her to get rid of the things in her that you don’t like about yourself.”
Well that has stayed with me and I have chosen to embrace her (although there have been battles and there will be battles to come!)

Brooke is a great kid. Sure we’ve had our moments when I have wanted to rip out all my hair because she is so stubborn and the screaming and crying just won’t stop, but I have yet to find another child with as tender a heart as my little Brooke has. She has my heart wrapped around her tiny finger. I can be so upset with her sometimes but then she will come out of time out, where she’s been throwing a fit, rest a hand on my arm and with puppy dog eyes say, “Oh momma, I soooo sorry! I not ever do that again.” and then if my heart wasn’t already being ripped out, “Can I just have a hug?” And to be honest, sometimes I don’t want to give her a hug because I know that will be the end of me, but I cave in.

The bond I feel with that little girl is something I hope God will protect and preserve through the years to come. I really want to just keep her as my little girl forever, which is hard because even though I already see her growing up and spreading her wings. She is the type of kid who has been ready to be three since she’s been two years old. And I thought I was ready for her to be three until the day I dropped her off at Sunday school for the first time. She was so excited to be there and for me just to leave, but like many other pathetically attached parents (you know…the kind that drove me nuts as a teacher), I found myself lingering and wanting to just snatch her up and bring her with me. The thought of sending her to preschool next year and then kindergarten after that has me a little nervous..even though she’ll go skipping in without a care in the world and its what’s best for her.

So as you can figure, the decision to put her downstairs to make room for Baby coming in a few months was not easy. To make it easier on her (and me) I had fun making the room special and totally hers! Needless to say, she loves it and actually chooses to spend time there (she even put herself down for a nap there today). Anyway, without further ado, here is Brooke’s room! (And I should add, we moved her and added a few extra decorations for under $30. YEAH CHEAP!)

I just have to mention how awesome of an aunt I have! She made Brooke that quilt (and large pillow in the corner). The great thing is that the quilt matched the yellow wall colour already!
 Bonus: no painting!!
In her reading corner. That’s the pillow we both lean against while we do bedtime stories!
Also, when I asked Brooke what her favourite part of the room was, she responded with, “My pretty paper balls!” So cute and so easy to make!

Painted some old frames from my mom’s basement and hung them from her shelf hooks. She loves them!

Toy Corner!
Great way to display birthday cards. Hang them from ribbons on the wall! It’s art and remembering the good times! 
 Got this idea for a bow holder from Pinterest (). It used to be a mirror on the top, which had an unfortunate run in with a 16 year old boy and smashed. I decoupaged some craft paper to the board (using home made Mog Podge) hung a few ribbons, painted the cork board pink and VOILA: a beautiful place to hang things! Note to self: do not use a staple gun on cheapy woody projects..goes right through!
Wall left of the door. Vine and butterflies from her room upstairs. Hanging toy storage (Thank you Carisa)!
Craft table from a piece of art I bought for her when she was upstairs. Its birds painted on a wooden canvas. I still need to add legs (hence the diaper box under it) and a protective sheet on the top and get some proper chairs. But I think it should turn out cute!
I just had to put these pictures in here! Brooke today just laid on

 her bed and and it reminded me so much of  the bottom picture Jason took of her as a baby!

Also you may notice that Brooke is wearing a sundress dress in all these pictures. She is in major seasonal confusion. I try to put pants and long sleeves on her and she always comes up an hour later with a dress on (at least I’ve finally convinced her to wear tights underneath because “little girls don’t let their panties show!) Some battles are just not worth fighting!

I hope you take time today to bless and be blessed by the ones you love today!


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