Blessing a Pit Bull

What do you get when you add together 40% sweetness + 40% athlete + 10% brute force + 10% ballistic temper? Either a pit bull or my little Caleb!

I want to start off by saying that my little Caleb-boy can be so sweet and cute that you just want to squeeze him. He gives theeee best snuggles when he wakes up from a nap, (well what you can feel of him between 3 blankies, a puppy, a bear and sippy cup). He has puppy dog eyes that make you want to offer him the world on a silver platter with one look. He has Jason wrapped around his little finger whenever he utters a bright “Da!” (and me too!) See what I mean…well minus the runny nose, which is a constant these days!

And then there’s his amazing athletic ability that still shocks us. He loves balls and since he’s been 9 months he’s been able to kick. I’m not talking walking into a ball and it just happens to move. I mean he can KICK a ball and, not only that, he can drop kick it. For awhile there his first reaction was to kick everything. Poor Lola, his cousin’s dog, always got a kick to the body before a hug and a pat to the face.

Which is where the 10% brute force comes into play. He can be so rough. His way of showing he loves you or wants to play is by two hand shoving you to the ground. As an adult I can handle it but his poor little cousin Cate just doesn’t see it coming. I must say he is quick to say sorry, although I think he scares the poor kid he’s just tackled even more because his hug from their perspective probably looks more like head smash to the face than an act of kindness. .

Oh and have I mentioned: He has a TEMPER! All I can say is “WOW”. When he loses it, he LOSES IT!  Because of this I’ve been having a hard time seeing him as a blessing. He’s been this little pit bull that screams and tantrums during the day and then wakes me from my beauty sleep in such a fit of rage that I think we’re in a poltergeist movie! So that’s where I found myself today, dealing with this obstinate, screaming child.

Well, I decided today that I was going to change my attitude toward him and bless him. I was going to see the love and sweetness in him and do something for him that I know he would love and appreciate.
So when he went down for a nap, instead of napping myself, I made THESE (with the help of my trusty side kick Brooke, who is the cutest cookie cutter presser ever)!!

Caleb loves Elmo!! When he woke up from his nap, I showed him a cookie and all he said was “Whoa!!” We went and sat down at the table and he (and Brooke) proceeded to thoroughly enjoy the cookies.

After we had the cookies, we played. I roughed him up, chased him around, played airport with him and Brooke, then we all made supper together. (Well I peeled carrots and potatoes and they ate chunks out of the freshly peeled uncooked potatoes..weird I know, but we can get into that another time).

Anyway, it was a great night! No tantrums, lots of hugs, lots of tickles and sweet kisses as we put them in bed. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but at least I can go to bed tonight counting my blessing!


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